If you’re just starting out learning to sing or play an instrument, or if you’re just curious about music, you’ve probably come across the term “music theory” and wondered “Huh, what’s that? Isn’t a theory just a guess? Is this just guessing how to play music? Why do I need to know about this musical guess to make sounds I like?” So let’s take a look at music theory, what it is and why it’s important.

Music theory is, fundamentally, the way music works within a certain set of rules or guidelines as well as a way to analyze music…

Musical theatre is home to some of the most versatile singers on the planet due to the rigor of the performance schedule (8 shows in 6 days) and diversity of singing genres (musical theatre, legit/classical, rock, jazz, blues, gospel, etc). Though most of these singers are good, very few excel in as many areas as Kristin Chenoweth.

Throughout her career, Chenoweth has utilized her talent and transformed herself into one of the most ubiquitous performers of the last 20 years.

Blockbuster Star

Let’s begin with her most iconic role: Glinda the Good Witch in the smash hit Wicked:

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Performing is scary and hard — but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips to use to achieve your best musical performance:

The #1 thing you can do to have a good performance is to prepare ahead of time. By experimenting and building muscle memory through practice and rehearsal, you’ll have explored and developed nearly every possible way you can perform a song. If something doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll be so comfortable with your work that you can go with the flow.

Whenever we get nervous, it can be hard to keep focus. You’ll default…

This week’s SWACS will be a departure from pop singers into the world of musical theatre, starting with arguably the GOAT musical theatre actress, Audra McDonald. McDonald is the most decorated Broadway actress, winning a total of six Tony awards, and the first person to win Tony Awards in all four individual performer categories. Her talent is transcendent, and she continues to top herself. Let’s take a look at some of the things she does best:

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Practice makes perfect. But did you know there’s other things you could be doing to improve your singing or playing? Here are 5 non-practice related things you can do to get better at making music:

Take care of yourself! Life can get overwhelming at times, and music can very quickly become a chore if there’s too many things going on in your life. Often time things are out of your control, so it’s imperative that you have some kind of support system for whenever it does. …

This week’s Singer Who Actually Can Sing is a slam dunk to write about. Jennifer Hudson has without a doubt one of the greatest voices of all time. Yet, for some reason, she still seems to be underrated. It’s hard to point to a reason why she isn’t more popular (when’s the last time you heard a Jennifer Hudson song on the radio?), it goes to show you that unprecedented talent isn’t a one-way ticket to all-time success if you don’t have luck to go with it (though Jennifer Hudson has been incredibly successful). …

Every so often, a students asks me a question about something they read or watch online pertaining to singing. Frequently they get nervous about revealing that they went searching for advice from someone other than their teacher. Yet, is it really a bad thing to look elsewhere for advice on how to sing or play?


Of course it’s not bad to look around and learn as much as you can! Singing well is basically just getting good at a handful of things and being able to do them simultaneously and consistently. This takes years of practice to master, of course…

It doesn’t matter how famous, how successful, how professional you are, sometimes you still get nervous. Sometimes you still get emotional. And, no matter how big the moment, you can still deliver an incredible performance.

Take a look at Demi Lovato’s performance at the 2020 Grammy’s. She is debuting her first song after a stint in rehab for substance abuse. She is performing something extremely personal on one of the biggest stages in the world, and, for a moment, she is overwhelmed. But because she is an exceptionally competent performer, she stops singing, takes a moment to recompose herself, and…

Many of us start our life’s journey with music by singing. It’s of course the oldest and most human instrument — it’s quite literally a part of us! And, if you’ve ever sung in a choir, you know there’s no better feeling than making beautiful sounds with other individual voices. It moves and inspires us — but it also makes us good music makers! Anyone that plays an instrument should also join a choir and learn how to sing — and here’s why:

1) Sight Reading

There’s a reason that all music colleges and conservatories teach sight singing to ALL music majors. Singing…

This week’s SWACS is arguably one of the greatest voices of all time. Whitney Houston had a commanding, powerful, and extremely moving instrument that took her to the top of commercial music stardom. Songs such as “I Will Always Love You” have appeared so frequently in our culture that it’s almost become a cliche for moments of extreme (often comedicly over-the-top) expressions of love. But Whitney Houston was more than just a ubiquitous punchline — she’s one of the greatest pop divas of our time. Here’s why Whitney Houston is one of my Singers Who Actually Can Sing:

Ease and…

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